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BETE has decades of experience providing cleaning  solutions for corporations worldwide. Some examples of specific spray cleaning  processes BETE engineers have encountered previously are listed below:

Bottle Washing:

Bottle washing generally refers to the cleaning of the inside of a bottle or small container for the purpose of removing old product or for sanitation. It can also refer to a rinsing or washing of the outside of a bottle to expunge product or foam that overflowed the container during the filling process. Spray nozzles can help to maximize the efficiency of washing applications by ensuring proper distribution of the cleaning media and/or maximizing impact from the available flow rate/pressure of the system, reducing operating and disposal costs.

Car / Truck Washing:

Spray nozzles can efficiently spray and direct water, soaps, cleaning chemicals, wax, and sealants to desired areas, therefore optimizing the applications of these wash fluids and chemicals and reducing waste and operating costs.

Impact Washing:

Deluge/impact washing is the process of distributing water or other cleaning fluids over an object to remove contaminants. Nozzles can significantly improve this washing process over simply pouring water or submersion by consistently providing a directed spray to maximize the impact/use of cleaning medias and uniform coverage for repeatable results. High volumes of cleaning fluids or high operating pressures can be used to maximize the impact of the washing process for hard to clean residues.

Water Truck nozzles:

BETE provides a wide variety of nozzles which are useful for a range of street cleaning and water truck applications. Our engineers have decades of experience in designing custom nozzles solutions that are reliable in the most demanding scenarios.

  • Street Cleaning: BETE’s high pressure, flat fan nozzles are ideal for pushing sand, dirt, and other debris off of roads and paved surfaces. Our nozzles are designed to withstand high pressure operating conditions.

The following nozzle types are often used


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