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Tank Cleaning

Our series of tank cleaning nozzles offer a comprehensive spectrum for the cleaning of containers with different sizes and degrees of soiling.

  • The HydroWhirlTM Orbitor is a versatile high performance tank cleaner, designed to meet the exacting requirements of the food, beverage and chemicals industry. The Orbitor is highly efficient, giving powerful cleaning for less water consumption. It is hygienic and self cleaning, meaning that it is suitable for use in sterile environments and the robust design means maintenance costs are low.
  • The rotating HWS tank cleaning nozzles (with ATEX certificate) and HWP series give 360° cleaning of small and medium size tanks. Both models can be configured to give 180° cleaning if required.
  • Our stationary tank cleaning nozzles range (TW, Clump and LEM) offer versatile tank cleaning for small to medium sized vessels. A number of different nozzles types can be mounted on the Clump and LEM manifolds giving a greater degree flexibility meaning cleaning can be tailored to specific applications.


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