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HydroWhirl® – Disc

Rotary cleaner: HWD


  • Silo cleaning nozzle – for all types of bulk materials
  • Completely customizable – nozzle can be adapted to existing pump infrastructure
  • Precisely configurable volume flows – according to customer specifications
  • Optimum cleaning results – different spray angles (180°, 240°, 310°, 360°) and a combination of flat and full jets take into account the individual degree of soiling
  • Driven by the cleaning medium – no external drive
  • Hygienic design – no residual liquid remains in the nozzle
  • Clog-free design – no external nozzles
  • More effective cleaning – adaptable nozzle to the soiling conditions on site
  • Cost-efficient operation – individually determinable water consumption thanks to adjustable volume flows
  • Long service life – wear- and maintenance-free hydrostatic plain bearing
  • FDA-compliant material
  • Cleaning in place – CIP-capable


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