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Trees for a better climate. Every tree counts.

Protecting the climate is one of the greatest challenges of our time – and there is a lot of potential for savings.
We at BETE Deutschland GmbH share this view and are setting an example for a sustainable and resource-conserving future.
From now on, every invoice/delivery will contribute to active climate protection.

You can find out exactly how this works on the website.
More information about the project

The total amount will be invested in tree planting projects with our climate protection partner PLANT-MY-TREE®.

We are already climate-neutral in the areas of Scope 1 and Scope 2, and we want to go even further.
Our goal is to finalize the accounting of all Scope 3 emissions by 2025 and to be climate-neutral in this area as well (Green House Gas Protocol – GHG).

Join us on this journey and let’s work together for a green future!

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